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Unfortunately the online shop is only available in German language. We hope that the English product presentations help you to orient yourself in the shop. For more information you can have a look beneath or please feel free to write an email to and you will soon be answered in English.



Brooms and brushes - translations

  • Der kleine Fusselschreck – the small Fusselschreck
    • can be selected with brown (braun), white (weiß) or red (rot) bristles (red brush without carton)
  • Der große Fusselschreck – the large Fusselschreck
  • Handfeger – Fritze Hand Broom
    • can be selected for right-handers (Rechtshänder) with brown (braun) or yellow (gelb) bristles or for left-handers (only brown bristles)
  • Hausbesen – Fritze Indoor Broom
  • Hallenbesen – Fritze Large Indoor Broom
  • Straßenbesen – Fritze Street Broom
    • can be selected with or without steel edge
  • Gartenbesen – Fritze Outdoor Broom
    • can be selected in width 35 or 45 cm and with green/yellow (grün/gelb) or light green (hellgrün) bristles. Width 45 cm also available with yellow bristles/blue (enzianblau) body and black/green bristles.
  • Eckenbesen - Fritze Corner Broom
  • Universal-Reinigungspinsel – Fusselschreck cleaning brushes
    • can be selected in several sizes in shape flat (flach) or oval (oval).
  • Wunderbürste für Tiere– Fritze Wonder Brush
  • Fell- und Massagebürste für Haustiere – Fritze Pelage and Massage Brush
    • can be selected for right-handers (Rechtshänder) or left-handers (Linkshänder)
  • Striegelbürste – Fritze Horse Brush “Striegelbürste”
  • Kardätsche – Fritze Horse Brush „Kardätsche“
  • Teleskopstiel für Haus-, Hallen-, Ecken- und Gartenbesen – telescopic handle for Outdoor Broom, Indoor Broom, Large Indoor Broom and Corner Broom
  • Teleskopstiel für Eckenbesen – telescopic handle for Corner Broom (only shipped in Germany)
  • Holzstiel - wooden handle for Street Broom and wooden handle for Indoor-, Large Indoor- and Outdoor Broom (only shipped in Germany)
  • Der historische Fusselschreck – the original Fusselschreck Brush
    • can be selected as clothes brush (Kleiderbürste) in yellow (gelb), pink (rosa), blue (blau) and as pocket brush (Taschenbürste) in white (weiß), red (rot) and blue (blau)
  • There are special offers of product-combinations below!
    • there are no handles included in the sets.


Deliveries abroad are shipped by DHL or DPD. Shipping costs vary from country to country, but are equal for all products in one country. They are charged only once for each order (delivery). You will find the shipping costs abroad with the link "inkl. MwSt., zzgl. Versandkosten" in the Online Shop. Wooden handles and the telscopic handle 130-340 cm are not shipped abroad.


In some cases customs dues and import sales taxes can be charged additionally to the shown total amount!




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