Fritze® Broom Indoor

Household and terrace

Fritze® Broom Indoor

wooden body, clear vanish, sweeping width: 30 cm, socket with german thread, incl. telescopic handle

  • for pull-sweeping
  • combination of rough and fine bristles
  • cleans edges, nooks, corners, crannies and joints
  • for fine structured concrete floors, artifical grass and textile flooring, especially carpets!!
  • also for sweeping snow

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This broom brings faster and more efficient cleaning to your home's flooring. The innovative combination of fine bristles on one side and coarser bristles on the other allows the broom to adapt to any floor surface you wish to clean; carpets, vinyl, tiles, natural wood, highly polished concrete floors, even synthetic turf! The curved angle of the bristles ensure that you can reach into every corner and that dust and debris is firmly swept away. This amazing broom can also be used for sweeping snow. Sweeping width 30 cm.