Glasswonder®/Aqua Star®

Original cleaning wipe from Sweden

The Aqua Star® cleaning wipe is a excellent and popular cleaning wipe made in Sweden. It´s distributed and retailed with the brandings Aqua Star® as well as Glasswonder®. The Aqua Star® Cleaning Cloth is made from microfibers and is using a special capillary system. The microfiber technology delivers unmatched cleaning results and allows a streak-free glance after cleaning.

It can be used damp and dry.
For cleaning of dry surfaces just slightly damp the Aqua Star® Cleaning Wipe. Prepurified surfaces can be wiped with the dry Aqua Star® Cleaning Wipe.
The Aqua Star®/Glasswonder® can be used for:
  • fmirrows, windows, flows, countertops and car windows
  • TVs, laptops, smartphones and tablets
  • glasses, watches and stainless steel + chrome-surfaces
The Aqua Star®/Glasswonder® can be washed in the machine machine until temperatures of max. 90°C (without fabric conditioner!!!)
It´s recommended to wash the Aqua Star®/Glasswonder® Cleaning Cloth separatly from other textiles.
Measures: aprox. 39 x 51 cm