The innovative Sweeping Bucket

Dustpan and bucket in One

With the Sweeping Bucket you don´t need a traditional dustpan anymore! With the Sweeping Bucket put on the ground, debris, leaves etc. can be easily swept into the bucket. Shape and size of the Sweeping Bucket are perfectly balanced. Down on the ground, the bucket offers resistance to the broom while sweeping, but still can be backpushed a few cm (slide-effect) so that the remains along the edge can be swept into the bucket as well. After the filling, the bucket can be carried and emptied with the carrying handle. The Sweeping Bucket is a perfect match with the Outdoor Broom 30 cm. They fit together perfectly in size and no other broom will get the debris into the Bucket more better and easy.

This innovative item combines a dustpan with a bucket and stops with dirty hands and bending over!

For gardens, backyards, parks, driveways, parking spaces and many others. The Sweeping Bucket is solid and

resistant to UV-radiation. Made of 100% recycled plastics.

Volume: 12 l

Measures: 48 cm x 45 cm x 32,5 cm

Made in Germany!


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