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Fritze® Brooms are more powerful and versatile than ordinary brooms. Plus faster cleaning.


The Fritze B&B GmbH is the manufacturer of the original Fritze® Brooms and Brushes with rake-shaped bristles. The Fritze® Brooms are also called "Dirt Hook" or "Rakebroom" and function by the “Fusselschreck-Principle”, which describes the power of curved bristles at brushes, brooms and cleaning brushes. The Fusselschreck-Principle was invented by the former manager of the company Heinz Fritze. Curved bristles provide several advantages to brooms and brushes and mean higher cleaning efficiency, more universal applications and time saving.


Fusselschreck® and Fritze® are the registered trademarks for our brushes and brooms, which are protected by several design patents.


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Dirt Hook, Schmutzhaken, Rakebroom, Renegade Broom, Balai Gardirex

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