The Fusselschreck®-Principle

Why curved bristles are of advantage?

First of all, does “Fusselschreck®” has a special meaning? Yes, it does. But a translation from German is not exactly possible – “Fusselschreck®” is a made-up word. The best thing to remember is, that Fritze® Brooms and Brushes frighten all kinds of dirt – that´s what “Fusselschreck®” expresses.


The Fusselschreck®-Principle stands for curved bristles.

And what stands behind the curved bristles is nothing special, just simple physics.

In the two pictures below, this can be depicted in a descriptive way:


Bürsten Besen Krallenbesen Fritze
brush with ordinary straight bristles

While brushing or sweeping with products having ordinary, straight bristles, the bristles are bending backwards and just slipping over the surface.


Bürsten Besen Krallenbesen Fritze
Fusselschreck®-Brush with curved bristles

By comparison, while brushing or sweeping with Fritze® Broom and Brushes having curved bristles, the ends of the bristles touch the surface upright and therefore have a much higher cleaning effect.


The substantial advantages are furthermore a higher impact on surfaces that are difficult to clean as well as a shorter time required until the work is done. The Fusselschreck®-Principle also stops the reign of the old and dirt-slinging push broom. Pulling a broom instead gives much more control and comfort.


Bürsten Besen Krallenbesen Fritze

The curved bristles also clean edges, nooks, corners, crannies and grooves better than conventional brooms and brushes.


Bürsten Besen Krallenbesen cleaning brush broom
Know a broom that is that efficient? Fritze® Broom Indoor!
Besen Krallenbesen Fritze, GArdiRex cleaning brush
The Fritze® Broom Outdoor is the best friend of estate owners
Besen Krallenbesen Golden Gark GardiRex
Nothing remains after sweeping with the outdoor broom
Besen Krallenbesen Golden Gark cleaning brush
Peerless flexibility of the outdoor broom

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