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Thinking unconventional - a 1960´s start up

In our family-owned company it´s all about curved bristles and the Fritze® Brooms. In the early 1960´s Heinz Fritze invented a clothes brush and a pocket brush with curved bristles and branded them Fusselschreck®.

As his main profession had been to be an engineer, he was a non-specialist newcomer to the industry of brooms and brushes. The Fusselschreck® Brushes were a huge surprise to the long-standing industry. They have been the first brushes with curved bristles all around the world and are unique until today.


Later on, the range of unique and high quality products with curved bristles was extended steadily: hand brooms, a corner broom, brushes for animals and numerous exceptional brooms for various uses were designed – all functioning by the Fusselschreck-Principle. Today the Fritze® Broom Outdoor, in its many variants, is the bestseller of the company.


To make you benefit by the Fusselschreck-Principle and the Fritze® Brooms is our motivation.


Your Fritze B&B GmbH.


Sponsoring in Triathlon

We are sponsoring the triathlon team Fusselschreck-TeamFangtDasGnu, which is a team of performance-minded hobby triathletes participating in a triathlon series in the eastern part of Germany. It is a team of friends with a harmonic atmosphere. The guys are ambitious but never uptight – we think that´s the right attitude.


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