Fritze® Broom Outdoor XL

Large and Lightweight

Fritze® Broom Outdoor XL Premium

Premium-Edition with very stable metal-holder in premium-design

wooden body nature or with green varnish, sweeping width: 65 cm

incl. telescopic handle 80-140 cm, yellow

  • for pull-sweeping
  • extreme depth effect and wide sweeping width
  • perfect adoption to uneven surfaces
  • removes needles, leaves, debris
  • ideal for large backyards, driveways, parking- and holding areas or barns
  • sweeps snow

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The classic of all Fritze® brooms has a new brother: The Outdoor Broom XL. A working width of 65 cm only results in 90 gr. additional weight! Cleans large areas much faster. Removes needles, leaves and debris and is not loosing its depth effect. Great adoption to uneven surfaces as no ordinary broom can. Ideal for large backyards, driveways, parking areas, pathways, parks, and barns. You will not find a more light and handy broom in that category of size. Also perfect for commercial and industrial use: street cleaning, construction and industry. Can also sweep snow.


Wooden body: nature or green, bristles: yellow/green

High quality metal-socket with german thread for telescopic- and metal handles.